300% Increase in AWS 2022 Sales Due to Positive Partnership Changes

AWS has seen a 300% increase in 2022 sales compared to 2021, and the company is attributing that increase to positive partnership changes.

This past year, CEO Adam Selipsky and Channel Chief Ruba Borno embedded themselves in the AWS Partner Ecosystem to become truly Customer Obsessed (an AWS company value). Personally meeting with thousands, they actively listened and implemented feedback.

A partner had this to say about the shift:

“I’ve worked with some of the biggest IT vendors before— I’ve never seen this level of interaction...Under Ruba and [CEO] Adam [Selipsky’s] watch, AWS’ ... program is now designed to be much more influenced by the voice of the partner.” - Justin Copie

In partnerships, the non-tangible often comes first, and AWS’s 2022 success is telling.

Why $80B AWS Is ‘Partner Obsessed’: Selipsky, Borno Leading The Charge | CRN
AWS cloud revenue is being driven by channel partners, ISVs, distributors, AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Network, with Adam Selipsky and Ruba Borno leading at re:Invent 2022.
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