48% of SMBs Involve Partners When Buying Software

A recent study by Bredin, Zomentum, and Partnership Leaders, shows that 48% of SMBs consult with SaaS vendor partners before making buying decisions.  

SaaS vendors offer software expertise that can guide SMBs through the process of selecting software that makes the most sense for them. Having a trusted third party involved lowers the cost of researching and selecting the right software.

48% of SMBs Involve Partners in Tech Buying Decisions, Survey Finds
MIAMI BEACH and SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) August 23, 2022 Partners play a vital role in the technology buying cycle for small and medium businesses (SMBs), with nearly half (48 percent) of SMBs invol

More partnering in the news:

Trust Software Partners with TikTok

Trust Software is making the TikTok checkout experience easier. Trust offers TikTok marketers a streamlined experience when selling on the platform. Payouts, billing, and flexible payment terms help sellers meet cashflow challenges in their growing businesses.

The software will soon roll out to more than 60 of TikTok's marketing partners in their ecosystem.

Trust Software Launches B2B Checkout Platform for TikTok Marketing Partners
Trust Software Inc, a fintech that develops marketing payment products, today announced the launch of Market, a B2B checkout platform built for the marketing ecosystem. Alongside the launch of Market, Trust Software also announced that TikTok’s more than 60 marketing partners will get exclusive acce…

Slack expands its partner ecosystem

Slack is growing its partnerships ecosystem by expanding industry-specific consultation services to help companies use slack to enhance their productivity and connectivity. The consultation partners will offer advice on making the best use of Slack and its parent company, Salesforce.

Slack Adds Industry-Specific Consulting Partners
Slack is expanding its global consulting partner ecosystem to include industry-specific consultants who will help companies in their digital transformations.

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