New Podcast Added To PartnerHacker Network: Howdy Partners

We’ve added a new podcast to the PartnerHacker network!

Introducing the Howdy Partners Podcast, the first ever partnerships podcast that’s focused on sharing tactical information you can apply the day you hear it.

Featuring co-hosts Will Taylor (PartnerHacker’s Head of Partnerships), Ben Wright (Director of Strategic Partnerships at HelpScout), and Tom Burgess (Strategic Partner Enablement Team Lead at Vidyard).

This podcast is made by partner people, for partner people.

No more shootin' from the hip and feeling lost inside of your role. Each episode will contain tactical tips for partner leaders and managers to help them accelerate their careers and partner programs.

Will Taylor explained,

We’re focused on moving the industry forward by moving the individuals forward.

Expect great guests, helpful tips, and experiential wisdom weekly.

If you have any questions you want to be answered on a future episode, feel free to DM any of the co-hosts on LinkedIn.

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