A Partnership Made in Heaven (well, space anyway)

"It's a hard problem to solve. That's why it hasn't been done by anyone yet." – Elon Musk

SpaceX and T-Mobile have launched a big partnership.

Unlike many big consumer-facing partnerships, this one isn't just about sales. This is a true partnership from top to bottom.

It involves co-innovation - both companies redesigning their technology to enable brand new use-cases and services neither can offer alone - co-marketing, and co-selling.

The kind of alignment needed here comes from the very top. You can see in this Q&A session with both CEOs. They have the exact same vision, energy, demeanor, and openness about this partnership.

Clearly, a lot had to get sorted to make this happen. But you'll notice from this presser, both leaders are very candid about unknowns and things that are still experimental and aspirational.

Video courtesy CNET

This is a better together story if we've ever seen one.

When America's most popular entrepreneur has taken the partner pill, you know we're onto something.

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