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Welcome to the Partner Led Future

PartnerHacker exists to create a world where we all succeed in business together.

Our goal is to be the #1 place for ideas, inspiration, news, and resources in the partnerships ecosystem.

Rather than duplicate or compete, we want to highlight the best, and be a meta-resource that curates, connects, and comments on all the great stuff that's out there.

We believe we are right at the beginning of a "partnerships moment". The next decade will be dominated by companies who think integrations and ecosystems first, and find paths to market through partnership with other companies, communities, and influencers.

Why this shift?

Trust is the new data.

Data helped us automate and create efficiencies. Data helped us find, track, and target customers. But we're now awash in data and customers are exhausted by being served up algorithmically-determined content and crammed into impersonal funnels.

The noise is overwhelming the signal.

Customers are people. They have info fatigue. They are looking to trusted influencers and communities to help them make decisions and purchases. They want a seamless experience that fits the rhythms and patterns of their own lives, rather than being bombarded with attempts to fit them into a company's pipeline.

A partnerships and ecosystems approach is the answer.

It has the power to combine the best of the digital world in all its scale and efficiency with the best of the organic, human world of rich, deep, overlapping networks and nodes of trust.

PartnerHacker is here to cover and encourage this transformation.

Read the full manifesto.

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