Acquire Partners with Boopos to Help Acquisitions Close Faster

As if you needed more evidence that partnerships were the path forward in a down market, the leading startup acquisitions marketplace, has just partnered up with Boopos to help provide financing and close deals faster.

The partnership allows those looking to finance a startup to get fast funding, flexible repayment, with no personal guarantee.

Andrew Gazdecki on LinkedIn: Boopos-Acquire Partnership | 24 comments
Looking to finance a startup acquisition? We're excited to announce a partnership between Boopos and to help more acquisitions close faster. -… | 24 comments on LinkedIn

In other partner news, Sendoso announced a partnership with Inverta, Outreach, Demandbase, PathFactory, and Drift to put together a MarTech Masterclass series.

The goal of the series is to help companies get more out of their tech stack.

Budgets might be tight, but your revenue goals have increased. This Masterclass is designed to help you get more from your team without increasing you head count.  

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