Announcing the First Ever PL[X] Summit!

PL[X] image promotional image with caption Nov 7 - 11th 2022 sponsored by reveal and partnerstack
Register here for the PL[X] Summit!

Introducing the PL[X] Summit, the world’s largest B2B SaaS partnerships event ever!

We’ve teamed up with Reveal and PartnerStack to bring you the breakout GTM event of the year.

Set for November 7 - 11, it’s partner led [everything]!

  • Day 1 - Partner Led [Startup]
  • Day 2 - Partner Led [Product]
  • Day 3 - Partner Led [Marketing]
  • Day 4 - Partner Led [Sales]
  • Day 5 - Partner Led [Success]

We’re taking five days to redefine GTM –  forever.

Speakers will include Brent Adamson, Allan Adler, Tiffani Bova, Christina Brady, Rob Brewster, Pete Caputa, Liz Cain, Andrew Chen, Jennifer Linehan, Jay McBain, Allison Munro, Bobby Napoltonia, Jay Nathan, Dominic Perri, Matt Quirie, Jill Rowley, Devin Reed, Jen Spencer, Kyle Schoeder, and Jeremy Seltzer to name a few.

One event to redefine everything

Partnerships isn't a department. It's a strategy that all departments must engage with.

Partner ecosystems are a strategy to every other department, each needing its own conversation. We must unite departmental specialists and partner professionals in the most relevant format possible for the first time ever. That's exactly why PL[X] is here. – Jared Fuller, CEO of PartnerHacker

Five days to mark a new era

PL[X] changes the way we think about partnerships.

We’re bringing all aspects of partnerships together under one umbrella. We'll be showing you what a partner led strategy can look like for every department.

We’ve reached out to the top partner led founders and venture capitalists, product leaders, marketing leaders, sales leaders, and partner professionals – and we’re bringing them all to PL[X].


We’re giving awards to the top partner led companies and leaders in each department. Nominations will be announced before the event.


Attendees will receive a physical workbook for each day they are attending. Workbooks will include session info, highlights, and plenty of room for notes.

mock up of physical workbook associated with PL[X] Summit
Each day includes a physical workbook with session highlights and space for notes.

Register now

The future of B2B is here. Are you ready?

Join us, Nov. 7 - 11, to mark the moment partner ecosystems go mainstream.

The event is totally FREE of charge.

Register 100% for FREE today.

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