BREAKING: Crossbeam Acquires Partnered

Moments ago at their Supernode conference in Philadelphia, Crossbeam CEO Bob Moore announced the acquisition of partner tech platform Partnered.

Partnered allows sales team members to connect with others in their network for customer introductions, a service that compliments Crossbeams account mapping and shared data platform.

Moore opened the announcement,

When we asked in the partner ecosystem report, 'Which department in your company benefits the most from your integrations', it was a resounding answer that the sales organization is where most of the benefit sits.

He said Crossbeam has been asking internally how to get things into the hands of sellers, calling it the missing link in the ROI story for partnerships.

In terms of why Partnered, Moore said,

We looked around our own ecosystem and asked 'Who is working on this? Who do we love?' and we had a really interesting answer.

Crossbeam is planning for a future where sales and partnerships are a lot tighter, thanks in part to the acquisition:

The roadmap writes itself. This brings us true end-to-end co-selling. It gets us so much closer to the end state, this incredible dream of attribution that allows us to do the ROI calculations to tell the story of the value we create.

And of course we get to add some incredible people to the team."

Crossbeam is clearly making a bold move to be a category leader in the emergent second-party-data and partnership ecosystems spaces.

This isn't the last big move we expect to see in the partner space this year.

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