Breaking: PartnerHacker Handbook #1 New Release on Amazon

The PartnerHacker Handbook went live this morning, and already it's been downloaded by hundreds and named a #1 New Release on Amazon.

Screenshot of The PartnerHacker Handbook #1 on Amazon in the Systems & Planning Category
The PartnerHacker Handbook #1 on Amazon.
“Incredible. Thank you all so much.”
- Jared Fuller, Chief Ecosystem Officer at PartnerHacker
Jared Fuller on LinkedIn: Wait. What? #1 New Release?!? No way. Thank you all. It’s really
Wait. What? #1 New Release?!? No way. Thank you all. It’s really all about you. No profit. Highlighting other’s great work. This was a labor of love...

It's an honor and a privilege to write, report, and share stories about the Era of Ecosystems.

The conversation is just getting started!

You can read it for free in PDF, online, or buy the paperback on Amazon. Get your copy here.

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