The Art & Science of Selling: 4 Character Traits of Highly Effective Salespeople

Selling is both an art and a science.

Great sellers are those who possess certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest.

Great sellers are empathetic

They are able to get outside of themselves and their own goals and really seek to understand their customer's needs and challenges. Great sellers ask questions to understand, rather than lead.

They're curious above all else.

They do this so they can tailor their approach, devise the right solution and ultimately address their customer's unique challenges, solve big problems, and make their buyer a hero.

Great sellers are highly effective communicators

This characteristic probably stems from their listening skills. They are excellent at articulating the value proposition of their products and services in a way that resonates with their customers. They're storytellers. They use relevant anecdotes to help their customers understand how their product or service can solve their problems.

Great sellers are resilient

Selling can be a tough job, but great sellers are not deterred by rejection. They persist in the face of obstacles and keep moving forward until they achieve their goals. Great sellers are also adaptable, willing to change their approach if necessary to meet customers where they're at.

Great sellers know their sh*%

Great sellers know that it is exceedingly hard to solve their customer's problems if they are unaware of how their solutions can actually do it. So, they stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in their field and are able to answer any questions their customers may have about their products or services. Great sellers also understand their competition and know how to differentiate themselves from their rivals.

Can it be taught?

Maybe... The $54B Sales Enablement industry indicates that it can. Science can be taught to anyone. But passion, empathy, and resiliency come more naturally to some than others.

In my estimation, those that possess the inherent personality characteristics that make great sellers, also make great partner sellers. The ones that really care understand that nothing in business can be done effectively alone.

Great sellers make great partner sellers.

Find the ones who care and partner up.

Jessie Shipman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fluincy, a Sales Enablement Software for Partnerships. She has a background in education and learning theory and spent 4 years building and delivering partner enablement strategy for Apple's top partnerships before building Fluincy.

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