Capchase Partners with Sastrify to Save Customers Money

The current economic climate requires that cost-savings and efficiency are top of mind for everyone. - Sven Lackinger, Sastrify’s CEO

Capchase partners with Sastrify to offer customers the option to "save now, pay later." The collaboration will help customers save up to 30% on their yearly SaaS licenses. It will also defer the upfront cost of licenses by allowing businesses to pay in monthly or quarterly installments.

Adaptive Shield partners with Tenable for enhanced security

Understanding exposure and risk across SaaS deployments has never been more important than in today’s cloud-first world... – Ray Komar, vice president of technical alliances, Tenable

Businesses with many SaaS products need to maintain security amongst the various services they connect with. The partnership between Adaptive Shield and Tenable attempts to plug this security gap.

Tenable brings insights into security vulnerabilities, while Adaptive Shield provides security teams and context to easily manage risks.

Adaptive Shield and Tenable Partner to Enhance SaaS Security Posture
Adaptive Shield, the leading SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) company, today announced a partnership with Tenable, the Cyber Exposure Managemen
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