CJ + PartnerStack: B2C and B2B Partner Cos Join Forces

CJ is the largest B2C affiliate marketing ecosystem in the world. They just announced a tech partnership with PartnerStack, a fast-growing B2B partnerships platform.

Check out the announcement from CJ:

CJ on LinkedIn: CJ | Tech Partners
We’re thrilled to welcome PartnerStack to the CJ Strategic Partner family! B2B and B2C ambassador partnerships are hotter than ever—and we’ve teamed up...

PartnerStack co-founder Luke Swanek also provided some context for the partnership:

Luke Swanek on LinkedIn: CJ | Tech Partners
CJ is the world’s largest and most established consumer affiliate marketing #ecosystem, with over $16BN sold annually through their platform. With our...

It's pretty intriguing to see B2C and B2B come together like this, and a trend we expect to continue in a big way.

The lines are blurring. B2B buyers want and expect a B2C experience. That entails nodes of trust and a robust partner ecosystem, not just lead swapping.

Congrats to PartnerStack on an intriguing new frontier!

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