Collaborative SaaS Buying Biz Vendr Raises $150M Series B

Vendr just raised a $150M Series B. That's a massive series B by a company disrupting traditional sales and marketing.

This round, reflective of the evolving SaaS landscape, further demonstrates the era of ecosystems narrative.

Power is leaving Go-To-Market organizations and moving to buyers. And buyers don't always want to be handling the processes directly or alone. Vendr lets them choose the tools they want, and outsource the negotiation and purchasing process.

Ryan Neu, Co-Founder and CEO of Vendr shared,

“ For me, today is much more than a Series B announcement. It’s validation that the SaaS buying issues companies face are a universal experience.”

Sales and marketing aren't in the drivers’ seat anymore, and this is just another example. Congrats Ryan and team!

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