Despite The Economy, Gartner Projects Double-Digit Growth As Companies Find Ways to Do More with Less

New data from Gartner indicates that despite the economy, tech is not slowing down.

Gartner highlighted the top five market segments that will reap the most sales in 2023 and 2024.  Those five segments include data center systems, devices, software, IT services, and communication.

This means tech will continue to see a 5.5% year-over-year growth rate.

And much of this has to do with how companies are adapting to doing more with less.

“The software segment will see double-digit growth this year as enterprises prioritize spending to capture competitive advantages through increased productivity, automation and other software-driven transformation initiatives,”

Gartner shared with CRN.

What better way to “do more with less” than partner up?

Gartner: Top 5 Markets In $4.6 Trillion Tech Industry For 2023, 2024 | CRN
Tech industry to reach $4.6 trillion in sales in 2023 as IT services spending on communications, devices and software will increase globally, Gartner reports.
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