Ecosystem Creator Lab #5: Your Perspective Matters 👏

You have a voice - so use it!

In today's newsletter you'll find:

  • 3 prompts to spur your creativity
  • 3 of the most relevant topics in the ecosystem
  • A resource to continue your learnings if you’re serious!

Writer's block, begone!

What makes a good B2B partnership? Here are 3 necessary components:

Here are 2 reasons partnerships fail…

Yesterday / Last week I spoke to a {title} this is how partnerships helped them

Hot topics in partnerships

Building your content operating system

In issue #3 we showed you a 10-minute video from Justin Welsh (LinkedInfluencer with 378,000 followers). He has a course all about LinkedIn content creation ($150)! I took it, and it was awesome! We <3 Justin.

Feeling content with our selection? (see what we did there) 😉

Let us know by replying to this email.

-Will Taylor

P.S. Just post! Not everything needs to go viral!

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