Ecosystem Creator Lab #6: How Can You Support The Ecosystem This Week?

You’ve got the power… to create content!

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  • 3 prompts to spur your creativity
  • 3 of the most relevant topics in the ecosystem
  • A short Twitter thread: How to repurpose content ideas

Writer's block, begone!

Make partnerships go from 0 to 1 with these 3 fundamentals...

Will AI replace partner professionals? They’ll be last to go, here’s why...

I trust [shout out a partner!] for a few reasons, we’ve achieved...

Hot Topics in Partnerships

  • Partnering internally isn’t always easy. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced working with other departments?
  • Buyers trust their peers more than Google, more than Gartner, and even more than vendors. How do companies adapt?
  • Layoffs show no sign of stopping. Just last week Accenture (19,000), Meta (10,000), and Amazon (9,000)all announced more layoffs. What can you do to help? A few ideas to spark your thinking: lean into your network, host office hours, engage on key posts, incite meaningful conversations.

Repurpose like a boss

Dan Koe (340,000+ followers) shows you how to generate an idea, outline your content, write (following the APAG formula), and cross-post (AKA repurpose).

Feeling content with our selection? (see what we did there) 😉

Let me know by replying to this email.

-Will Taylor

P.S. Just post! Not everything needs to go viral!

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