Ecosystem Creator Lab #1: You're the Chosen One

It’s time to unleash the creator within.

Today you have the opportunity to inspire others toward success.

In today's newsletter you'll find:

  • Three prompts to spur your creativity
  • Three of the most relevant topics in the ecosystem
  • A resource for creating better social hooks

Writer's block, begone!

“If I was starting in partnerships today I would…”

“January is done… here’s what I worked on in partnerships…”

“2023 is in full swing, this is what I’m focused on…”

Hot topics in partnerships

  • Influence vs Sourced - what is the deciding focus of 2023?
  • What generates more trust: Co-marketing or Co-selling?
  • More and more B2B influencers - how are you planning for this strategy?

Want better hooks or ideas for hooks?

Here’s a resource from our friends @ Social Social (thank you Jen, Will, and Nick!).

Feeling content with our selection? (see what we did there) 😉

Let us know by replying to this email.

-Will Taylor

P.S. Just post! Not everything needs to go viral!

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