Ecosystem Week 2022 is Here

PartnerHacker and PartnerStack are teaming up to bring a one of a kind live virtual event to you June 21-24.

Ecosystem Week 2022 is a chance to explore what exactly everyone means by "ecosystem" with some of the best minds in the business.

If you work in partnerships - or even in sales, marketing, product, or CS - you've been seeing more and more about the era of ecosystems, the rising prominence of partnerships, and the need to redefine Go-To-Market.

But ecosystem can sound like some kind of academic buzzword. What does it actually mean?

We decided to round up great minds like Jay McBain, Jill Rowley, Allan Adler, Scott Brinker, Pete Caputa, Bryn Jones, Jared Fuller, and more to break down over the course of one week WTF an ecosystem is, and what it means for you.

We're thrilled to be able to offer this event totally free of charge.

Register today.

(Oh, and if you recommend 3 friends or colleagues, you will get access to a special pre-event VIP session.)

Ecosystem Week 2022 | Powered by PartnerStack × PartnerHacker
WTF is an ecosystem? We’re about to find out. Discover your partnerships superpower by learning how to use the ecosystem to your advantage from the best in the industry.
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