Ecosystem Week 2022 Kicks off with a Bang


Day one is in the books, and man was it a banger!

The first ever Ecosystem Week, a joint even with our friends at PartnerStack, garnered over 1,500 registrants, with over 500 attending yesterday. That makes it the biggest B2B SaaS partnerships event EVER.

And we have three more days yet to go! (Register here for the rest of the event and for recordings from day one.)

Check out what attendees were saying in the live chat during the sessions yesterday...

Pretty hard not to get hyped.

So much more to come!

Join us for Days 2-4, today through Friday.

Register for free here. (When you register, you'll gain access to day one recordings as well).

The era of ecosystems is just revving up!


At the end of EW22 tomorrow, we'll be swapping over to the SaaS Connect Metaverse event. Click the link below for free access for Ecosystem Week attendees.

Click here to register - 2pm ET tomorrow, Thursday, June 23
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