Ecosystems Council

Allan Adler

Allan Adler is a world-class Ecosystems coach, consultant and change agent. He is the creator of the GoToEcosystem Framework and guides XaaS CEOs and C-Suites to unlock the potential of Ecosystem Orchestration. He's currently the CEO and Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners.

Bobby Napiltonia

Bobby Napiltonia is an industry veteran. He's built and grown some of today’s technology leaders, including BEA Systems, Twilio, and where he was the creator of the AppExchange.

Braydan Young

Braydan Young is the co-founder and Chief Alliances Officer of Sendoso. He has more than a decade of experience in business development and initially led the sales team at Sendoso before transitioning to a more people-focused role. As Chief Alliances Officer, he oversees Sendoso’s technology and integration partnerships. He has previously served in roles at Demandbase (acquired by Intuit), Betts Recruiting, and Unum.

Jay McBain

Jay McBain is an accomplished speaker, author and innovator in the IT industry. He spent 28 years in various executive channel sales, marketing, and strategy roles. Jay is a recognized expert in the future of channels, alliances, partnering ecosystems and the study of emerging go-to-market models. An avid blogger, community, and social media expert, he has developed an innovative channel tech stack highlighting the importance of channel data and automation.

Jill Rowley

22 years in SaaS. Early employee at Salesforce (first 100) and Eloqua (#13). Love startups, especially category creators. In tech, but not technical. Nearly 20 years of B2B MarTech experience. Born Sales; Bred Marketing. Will take a bullet for a customer. ;-)

Matt Cameron

Matt is the CEO of SaaSy Sales Management, Silicon Valley’s Sales Management training and leadership community. A regular speaker and columnist on the topic of SaaS sales leadership, Matt partners with venture firms to build world-class B2B sales leadership within portfolios. Formerly as the WW Head of Corporate Sales at Yammer and a RVP of Enterprise Sales for, he enjoyed building sales engines for high growth companies, which continues to be his passion.

Pete Caputa

Pete helps companies grow by implementing sales and marketing excellence. I've worked with hundreds of businesses directly and have helped hundreds of agencies and media companies grow by helping their clients achieve predictable, measurable and improvable ROI from the marketing and advertising services they provide.

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