Exclusive: In Revenue Capital Announces Launch on PartnerUp Podcast

Today, on the release of the PartnerUp podcast #96, Justin Gray announced the launch of the investment fund In Revenue. The fund will focus on investing in companies that lead the way in partner led growth.

In Revenue believes that the current statistics for venture-backed funds are abysmal. Currently, only about 8% of startups return capital+ to their investors.

In Revenue sees a way out of this abyss. They want to lead the way toward growth by investing in companies committed to leveraging the power of the ecosystem and efficiency.

The firm seeks to change the startup/VC equation. Instead of only a few Unicorns succeeding, they want every startup to win by leveraging the power of the ecosystem.

A partner led strategy is now a critical factor for achieving massive growth for investors – PartnerHacker has covered Bessemer, Openview, and A16Z, speaking to partner led being table stakes from day 1.

Congratulations, In Revenue, on this new venture 🎉. We're happy to see you put your money to work through the power of the partnership ecosystem, and we were honored to break the story here at PartnerHacker.

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