Gong Announces Multi-Company Partnership for Sales Data

Gong just announced its partnerships with three of the most exciting names in Sales tech: Apollo.io, Clearbit, and Cognism.

That’s big.

Gong is the fastest-growing sales tech company of all time, and they’ve gone indirect following Bessemer’s prediction just one month ago.

Bessemer predicted as their #1 trend:

"Indirect partnerships are becoming table stakes from day 1 for SaaS businesses.”

And here Gong is, proving that right.

In Gong’s press release, they explained why this was a no-brainer for them, and it all came down to customer value.

The result is that you can buy all three, get the best possible coverage, at the fraction of the price of some of the monolithic legacy providers.
- Amit Bendov, Gong's CEO

This partnership is redefining customer value in the B2B space and challenging others to keep up.

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