Google Cloud Bets Big on Partner Ecosystem

Partners are choosing Google Cloud to drive the next stage of their business because we are choosing to prioritize them. – Simon Aldous of Google Cloud

Google Cloud seeks to move to a partner led strategy across all sales. They see the partner ecosystem as a bridge between the cloud and their customers. The company plans to double its spending on the partner ecosystem over the next few years.

Google Cloud Details Huge Investment in Growing Partner Ecosystem
Google Cloud is continuing its investment in its partner ecosystem following a 400% increase in new partners and a 250% increase in partner revenues.

Microsoft partners with TerraPraxis to reduce carbon emissions

Microsoft has partnered up with TerraPraxis to help transition coal plants to nuclear power. The partnership will digitize coal plants and install small modular nuclear reactors inside of existing coal plants to help reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Microsoft partners with UK nonprofit on software to help coal plants transition to nuclear power
Microsoft and TerraPraxis believe that more digital tools could help some 2,400 coal-fired power plants around the world decarbonize — and potentially transition to nuclear generation.

Schlumberger launches new partner program

Schlumberger launches a digital partner program aimed at helping independent software vendors (ISVs) harness the digital ecosystem. Allowing vendors to connect to Schlumberger's Digital Platform Partner Program gives ISVs the ability to interoperate across multiple workflows and organizations.

One of the connected apps is able to monitor reservoirs to make important up to date decisions about flooding and water management.

Schlumberger launches Digital Platform Partner Program
Independent software vendors will build, market, and sell solutions and apps through Schlumberger digital platform, unlocking innovation for customers.
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