Hapily Leverages the Power of HubSpot's Ecosystem to Accelerate Growth

As a new SaaS company, how do you break through the noise and rise above the fold? You use the power of the partner ecosystem, of course.

HubSpot recently invested in hapily, an app studio that extends the power of HubSpot's CRM.

It's a win-win for both companies. Each company focuses on what they do best. Instead of spreading themselves thin – HubSpot can focus on maintaining its core application while app creators like hapily creatively extend the use case of HubSpot's core CRM.

hapily solves HubSpots growing customer demands

We spoke with hapily's CEO and confounder, Connor Jeffers, about the strategic investment. Jeffers emphasized the need to help HubSpot solve solutions for their service partners.

For example, one of hapily's apps, Zaybra, allows customers to integrate Stripe data into HubSpot. This allows service companies to manage subscriptions without ever leaving HubSpot's CRM.

"As HubSpot CRM grows and matures, Hubspot cannot build and solve every use case that their customers might need. As a byproduct, those customers have more and more demands on the platform... And there's a big opportunity to build applications that serve those particular problems." – Connor Jeffers
CEO of hapily, Connor Jeffers, shares his thoughts on HubSpot's recent investment.

Use the ecosystem to your advantage

Scott Brinker of HubSpot was enthusiastic about the investment in hapily. By working to solve customer problems within the HubSpot ecosystem, Hubspot can leverage the specialization of niche app developers.

Rather than HubSpot solving every customer pain point, it can focus on its core product while allowing an ecosystem of apps to thrive on its platform.

"One of the reasons we want to invest in hapily, is to help fund more of these specialized solutions and really accelerate awareness of what's now possible with companies like hapily on top of hubspot." -- Scott Brinker
Scott Brinker of HubSpot points out the win-win scenario when app developers build on HubSpot's platform.

Partnering up means more opportunities for HubSpot

The more developers who build on HubSpot, the more opportunities that arrive. By creating a welcoming environment for devs to build their apps, HubSpot increases its luck surface.

Through investing in apps through HubSpot's App Accelerator Program, they create a supportive environment where serendipity and new ideas can flourish.

Justin Graci tells Ella Richmond about the advantages of HubSpot's ecosystem.
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