ImpartnerCON 2022 - Featuring Jay McBain, Jared Fuller

ImpartnerCON just announced their 6th annual event slated for October 19-21.

We're excited to have two PartnerHackers presenting at the event!

Our CEO Jared Fuller will be speaking, as will PartnerHacker Ecosystem Council member Jay McBain. This is one of the most significant channel industry events and we're excited to be a part of it!

The summit brings together the brightest minds in the industry to talk best practices for propelling growth in the partnership ecosystem evolution.

Other featured speakers include Maria Chien, Janet Schijns, and Gary Sabin. The summit features three days of talks, labs, awards, and celebrations.

impertnercon 2022 splash image
Check out the lineup at impartnerCON.

Want to hear a taste of Jared's speaking chops? Check out his talk from Crossbeam's Supernode 2022:

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