PartnerHacker CEO Jared Fuller Wins 2023 SaaSy Sales Leadership Award

In a rare moment, our cofounder and chief ecosystem officer, Jared Fuller, was speechless as he was presented with the SaaSy Sales Leadership Award.

The award goes out to individuals who've demonstrated exceptional professional progress and made significant contributions to the community.

Jared receiving the SaaSy Sales Leadership Award.
Jared receiving the SaaSy Sales Leadership Award.

Jared started the PartnerUp podcast two years ago while working at Drift. The PartnerUp podcast has now become the largest partnerships podcast in the world. It unpacks how world-class partner ecosystems emerge organically.

In February 2022, he launched the PhD Daily Newsletter with Isaac Morehouse, and in April, they launched the site and full-on media and events company for the era of partner ecosystems.

In just three quarters, the PH community has exploded, and we've hosted (with our great partners!) not one but TWO record-breaking events, and published a best-selling book.

This all came about because Jared was relentlessly curious and committed to learning out loud about how to win with partnerships.

Congratulations, Jared, on receiving this epic award! 🎉

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