Let’s Hear From the Pros: How to Properly Nurture Agency Relationships

Everyone’s trying to crack the code on how to get more referrals FROM agencies. What better way to do this than for you to prove your value to agencies first?

Last week we heard directly from agencies that they prioritize vendor partners that can provide the following:

  • Timely technical support
  • Referrals to new clients
  • Proactive recommendations that directly support team KPIs

It’s one thing to hear from agencies on what they want – but let’s also hear from some world-class partnership leaders that have an existing track record of moving millions of dollars throughout the partnerships space all thanks to delivering these wishlist items (and more) to agency partners.

Advice from Marco De Paulis from Whiplash:

Help them help you.

Try highlighting what products/features are being underutilized across your shared customer base. Be sure to make a clear connection between those products/features and the results ($) they drive, so the agency team can fully understand the impact of your suggestions and why they should drive adoption with their clients. This is a great value-first approach that will prove you’re a great partner not only for existing mutual customers but for any new leads the agency may introduce to you in the future.

Advice from Alexander Lazoff at Yotpo:

Everyone is a VIP.

The partnerships space is small and fluid — treat everyone like an alpha. You really never know when someone might move onto that agency team you’ve been trying to crack for months or even years! Plus another pro tip: when you’re preparing to present to an agency team in any capacity, take a moment to reflect on the fact that the Project Managers at the agency are your real target — find out what’s important to them, what they’re working on, and specifically highlight how you can support them.

Advice from Leah Beitler at Listrak:

Know their niche.

The more you understand exactly what kind of client an agency is looking for, and you keep serving up those exact kinds of leads to them — you’ve unlocked the secret to strengthening any partnership. Knowing your partners’ niche means investing time in getting to know who their clients are and why they succeed together. I promise this is time well spent!

Advice from Lizzie Andrew at Klaviyo:

Do the research.

Before you hop on the first call with a partner, take some time to understand who your partner’s clients are, what services they provide, and how you might best work together to build a mutually beneficial partnership. Take a lesson from sales – do the research and come prepared to make a pitch for a partnership.

Want to chat more about how to activate agency partnerships to drive revenue? Book a meeting and let’s talk!

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