Marketing Together #11 - How Strategic Advisors Help You Live In Market

Hey Market[ers]!

Welcome to the Market[ing] Together podcast!

I'm so glad you're here.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

→ How you can use strategic advisors to market better

→ What to look for in a strategic advisor

→ How to get creative with the vesting schedule you offer a strategic advisor

Your advisor will tell you how things are really going

There's just this extra level of honesty and candidness that you can get from your advisors vs. just listening to customers. – Brandon Redlinger

How to tap into strategic advisors to amplify your marketing efforts

Hire a strategic advisor meme
  1. Create a campaign to make an announcement about the strategic advisor you'll be working with
  2. Send a calendar invite to the advisor and your team with prompts and graphics to post on LinkedIn simultaneously.
  3. Ask deeper questions of the advisor – get the 30k ft view
  4. Use your advisor the get intros for new hires
  5. Use your strategic advisor to help you gain trust in the market
  6. Ensure to have monthly calls with your advisors to keep them up to date on what the company is doing.
  7. Pick specific products or campaigns to talk about with your advisor.
  8. Offer quarterly bonus shares based on performance

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Market musings

Working with strategic advisors is all about gaining trust.

Sure, your strategic advisors offer domain-specific knowledge to help your organization (in Marketing, Sales, CS or other areas).

But it's the insights they have into the market & the trust they already have with the market that makes all the difference.

Why do they have that trust?

  1. They have relationships in the market that show validity.
  2. They've been to the Promised Land your prospects wanna reach, which means they're the perfect people to speak (with credibility) to the audience you're trying to serve.

They can help you deliver a clearer & more trustworthy message.
Because, data was the new oil, but now trust is the new data.

(What do you think? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and tag me!)

Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

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