Marketing Together #12: The YouTube Strategy that Actually Works in B2B

Hey Marketers!

I'm so glad you're here.

In today's episode, you’ll learn:

→ How to market together with customers

→ How B2B can leverage YouTube

→ Why you shouldn't just focus on vanity metrics

Don't Be Cringy 😬

Most B2B companies completely ignore their YouTube channels. There are just graveyards full of outdated product videos, or cringy corporate brand videos. The biggest untapped opportunity for SEO is not AI. It's actually video and specifically YouTube. – Gaetano Nino DiNardi

How to Utilize the Second Biggest Search Engine (YouTube)

  1. Start with content that answers buyer questions
  2. PRO TIP: Listen to sales calls (don't just rely on keyword tools)
  3. Use YouTube as your dark social strategy
  4. Repurpose YouTube content for every other platform
  5. Use YouTube analytics to learn what your audience likes
  6. Create videos that answer questions your audience is asking on social
  7. Don't half-ass it 😀 (especially on thumbnails)

Watch or listen to the full episode

Gaetano is a growth advisor to top B2B companies like Gong, Cognism, Workvivo, Aura, Pipedrive, and Nextiva. He has 8+ years of demand gen leadership for high-growth SaaS companies, with expertise in optimizing websites and scaling organic growth machines. He’s also a musician, writer, and entrepreneur and has been published on HBR, Fast Company, NASDAQ, HubSpot, and more.

Many of the lessons Gaetano shares in this episode come from his transition from B2B into B2C, where he scaled Aura, an identity theft protection company.

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Market Musings

Customers don't want more AI-generated content that can be easily gamed.

They want real authentic content from real people they can trust.

That's why video is so important. Video content can't be easily gamed (yet).

So, why wouldn't you start putting more resources into it?

Many companies will drop 80K/month on Google ads. But few are willing to spend 5k/month on quality video content.

Create something that AI can't.

Run an experiment with your YouTube channel, not with the usual cringy B2B stuff, but with real, authentic content.

You'll spend a fraction of your marketing budget, and in return, gain the trust of your customer.

(What do you think? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and tag me!)

Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

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