Marketing Together #14: The Total Account Checklist (& Why You Need One)

Hey Marketers!

In today's episode, you’ll learn:

→ The importance of building an ecosystem of partners

→ Why driving your marketing with inspiration is so important

→ The need for a relational mindset

We've moved from the 'how' economy to the 'who' economy

The first couple of decades of the digital era were dominated by the question of, 'how do I win and get customers.'

Now, information is so overwhelming that people are asking, "who?" I'm just going to go ask somebody that I trust, because I can't trust the market anymore. – Isaac Morehouse, CMO at Reveal

Use a Nearbound strategy to win in a down economy

  • Make one person in charge of the full lifecycle of an account
  • Find people that your buyers already trust and partner up with them
  • Connect information and inspiration at the right time to the right people
  • Create content together with potential customers
  • Surround target accounts from multiple angles
  • Make your content so good that people would pay for it

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Market musings

Are you ready to go all in with the total account checklist?

It's time to start surrounding the accounts you want to work with.

Think about how to deepen relationships and add value.

If you start helping people get to their promised land, then you will be able to get to your promised land.

Give in a permisionless way and deepen relationships with the entire market – partners, potential partners, potential customers, existing customers, and existing advocates.

Remember, we go further faster when we're marketing together.

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Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

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