Marketing Together #6: Not Your Grandma’s Co-Marketing Campaign - Rachel Gianfredi

Hey Market[ers]!

Welcome to the Market[ing] Together podcast!

I'm so glad you're here.

In the next 2 minutes, you’ll learn:

→ How to launch a co-marketing campaign the right way

→ How to do more with fewer resources

→ How to use case studies to prove ROI

Build relationships first

My role as a marketer and a relationship builder is to understand everybody in my partner's company and their roles and how they're structured and what their priorities are. – Rachel Gianfredi

Belts are tight; prove your ROI

  1. It starts with documentation.
    Start documenting and understanding how your work is tied to revenue outcomes.
  2. Use a case study to show the ROI.
    Learn out loud by turning your marketing campaign into a blog post so both teams can benefit from the study.
  3. Focus on the thought leadership of your integration partners. Use thought leaders to amplify your goals.
  4. Create a pre-launch and post-launch strategy.
    Before G2 and ZoomInfo launched their integration they came up with a pre and post-launch marketing campaign.
  5. Start a waitlist before you launch your next integration/product launch.
    B2C does this all the time. It only makes sense to allow your biggest fans to know about your next big move.

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Use partners to launch your next marketing campaign

The next time you launch a new product or integration, don't go it alone.

Expand your reach by including partners in the process. You get twice the juice for the same squeeze.

But co-marketing requires you to have relationships in place before you even get started. Ensure you are living in the market, shaking hands, and maintaining relationships with companies in your space.

What impressed me about Rachel's marketing campaign with G2 and ZoomInfo was that they didn't just pull off a massively successful launch – they kept the ball rolling with a post-launch plan.

They continued to nurture the campaign even after they made a big splash.

Take a lesson for Rachel. Make a plan, and don't shy away from thinking outside the box.

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Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

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