Marketing Together #7: Understanding the Will of Your User's Existing Communities - Jen Allen

Hey Market[ers]!

Welcome to the Market[ing] Together podcast!

I'm so glad you're here.

In the next 2 minutes, you’ll learn:

→ How to build an authentic community

→ How to use spontaneity and authenticity when building a community

→ How to win in an ecosystem before building your own

Build a relationship with your customers

Being able to relate to and understand our end user is job number one. Not only does that in turn inform our product development, it informs how we speak to them and how we get them so fired up so that they want to go tell their boss about us. – Jen Allen-Knuth

Use communities to get closer to your customer

  1. Observe where your potential users hang out.
    Observe, watch, and learn from your community.
  2. Find gaps that are currently not being filled in a community.
    Once you get a good sense of community vibe, figure out how to add value.
  3. Focus on educating and teaching in the communities.
    You want to be a helpful presence in the communities you engage with.
  4. Empower users by offering tremendous value.
    Give, educate, and be helpful, and good things will come back to you.
  5. Add to the conversation.
    Recognize that building community is part entertainment and part education.
  6. Be open to spontaneous ideas.
    Instead of having a formal meeting and launching a campaign, get ideas from your Slack channels and run with them!
  7. Resist the temptation to push your product.
    The goal is to lead people to realize there is a gap and that your product fills the gap.

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Market musings

Jen Allen-Knuth and her team at Lavender inspired me to think about how I interact in the communities I live in.

By becoming teachers, they've created raving fans.

By providing value first, they've gained the trust of the communities they engage with.

As Jen and her team educate the communities, those communities realize that Lavender's product can make their lives better.

It's a simple but powerful strategy.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and tag me!

Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

P.S. If you want to, share the episode with your teammates and stakeholders!

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