Meta Down, HubSpot Up

Meta had it's slowest revenue growth in a decade and is freezing all hiring.

Facebook parent Meta freezes all hiring for 2022 after recording slowest revenue growth in a decade: Report | The Financial Express
Meta is slowing hiring as costs mount.

Meanwhile, HubSpot crushed earnings expectations and doesn't look to be slowing down.

HubSpot Rises on Steller Q1 Performance
<p>HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE: HUBS), the provider of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, has reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter of 20...

PH hot take:

One of these is a genuine ecosystem company. The other is sorta kinda an ecosystem, but in practice more like a platform where the user and their data are the product.

Too far? TBD.

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