New Partnerships in Space

Microsoft Azure announced that it will team up with SES, SpaceX, Pixxel, Muon Space, and Loft Orbital to expand its space platform.

The partnerships will enable cloud computing from satellites at fiber-like speeds. Using satellites will give emergency crews such as wildland firefighters access to communication networks crucial for their success.

Mircosoft Azure Exec Confirms Slew of New Partnerships with SES, SpaceX, and Others - Via Satellite -
Microsoft EVP of Strategic Missions and Technologies Jason Zander confirmed in a blog post published Wednesday that the software giant will team up with

Partnerships in biotech help businesses scale

I think that we'll see more [partnerships] going forward. Less VCs making big check investments at the early stage, looking for something to hit. You'll likely need to see more strategic partnerships happen to get these things across the finish line. – David Friedberg

David Friedberg, CEO of The Production Board and cohost of the All-In Podcast, tells Bloomberg to expect more strategic partnerships in biotech.

Especially in the current market conditions, partnerships help unlock hidden opportunities for biotech startups.

Supporting women in the ecosystem

Janet Schijns of JS Group announces the 50% Club. It's a call to action to get women in 50% or more of the top ecosystem leadership roles.

Janet Schijns on LinkedIn: Ok time for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - today we launched the 50% club dedicated… | 37 comments
Ok time for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - today we launched the 50% club dedicated to helping ensure women in our industry get 50% (or more!) of the top ecosystem… | 37 comments on LinkedIn
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