New PL[X] Keynotes!

We've got a stellar lineup of keynote speakers coming next week to PL[X], and some BIG ones just dropped!

Check out some of the latest keynotes just announced...

Anthony Kennada - Marketing Day

Anthony served as CMO of three unicorns, building media and community: Hopin, Front, and Gainsight, and is now the CEO of AudiencePlus.

By focusing on human-first community building, Anthony built Gainsight into a 100M+ ARR, and was eventually acquired by Vista Equity at a $1.1B valuation.

At PL[X] he'll be delivering unbelievable value with his keynote speech: How to Transform Your Brand into a Media Company to Build and Engage Your Community.

Mark Brigman, Ph.D. - Product Day

The doctor is in the house for product day!

Doctor Mark Brigman, Ph.D. is an expert in strategic partnerships and has helped train thousands on how to do co-innovation the partner led way.

At his keynote, Making Your Product = The "Easy Button," he will show you how to leverage partnerships to accelerate product value.

Morgan Ingram - DEBATE - Sales Day

In the keynote debate being dubbed, Outbound vs. Nearbound: The Sales Showdown of the Decade!, Morgan Ingram, a LinkedIn TOP Voice for Sales for three years running, will face off against the OG PartnerHacker and author of Trust is the New Data, Jared Fuller.

You won't want to miss this fierce discussion between Morgan Ingram and Jared Fuller!

Sam Jacobs - Success Day

Business isn't a zero-sum game. You can get ahead AND be kind at the same time.

Sam is challenging the age-old adage that nice guys finish last. He understands the importance of kindness and uses it as a core principle as the CEO of Pavilion, the world’s largest B2B community. His latest book is called: Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life.

Sam will deliver our closing keynote, Don’t Call Him King: Kind Folks Finish First.

You won't want to miss it!

Other PL[X] speakers include...

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