New Speakers Join Ecosystem Week 2022

June 21-14, EW22 is shaping up to be a banger!

The already spicy speaker lineup of Jay McBain, Jill Rowley, Allan Adler, Scott Brinker, Pete Caputa, Bryn Jones, and Jared Fuller just added some new heavyweights:

Tiffani Bova - Growth Advisor, Sales Strategist, Keynote Speaker, & WSJ Bestselling Author

Avanish Sahai - Tidemark Fellow and Board Member at Hubspot, former Ecosystem Leader at Salesforce, Servicenow, and Google

Tyrone Lingley - Head of Partnerships ( at Microsoft and SaaS Partnerships leader

Bobby Napiltonia - President of Okera, previously Executive Partner Leader that created SalesForce's AppExchange

Get their insights and a lot more during the most comprehensive weeklong exploration into partner ecosystems.

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WTF is an ecosystem? We’re about to find out. Discover your partnerships superpower by learning how to use the ecosystem to your advantage from the best in the industry.
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