Parntership Stories from SaaStr2022

At SaaStr 2022 we set out on a mission: To learn about the struggles and successes of business teams engaging in partnerships.

The result? More success than struggles.

Every (EVERY) conversation and interview we had was fueled with excitement around the impact of partnerships.

CEOs. VPs of Success, Account Executives, Heads of Marketing. You name it, they had only positive things to say.

The reason? Pain forces growth.

Everyone is feeling the pain of the market downturn. Buyers are more cost-conscious. VCs are pickier with who they invest in. Marketing costs are rising faster than every major city’s real estate prices.

But diamonds are formed under pressure.

The companies who come out stronger are those who leverage the ecosystem - those who partner up.

Welcome to the era of partnership ecosystems

When we mentioned partnerships at SaaStr, people immediately got fired up. An instant buzz of energy.

People were excited to talk partnerships. We had to force our conversations to STOP so we could let them get back to the wonderful conference and event!

People were also using the word “ecosystem” (of their own volition)!  Talk about this being a mainstream strategy. It’s a strategy and a necessity.

Businesses (obviously) want growth. And partnerships are connection at scale. Partnerships tap into an innate human impulse: The desire to connect.

We desire to feel a part of something greater; to feel that we are a part of the tribe and are working together. We want to exchange energy within and around the ecosystem. It energizes us.

When we talked about partnerships, the energy came through.

At SaaStr 2022, we had a mission… and what we got were newfound relationships.

New partnerships.

We were living in the ecosystem. And we had a heck of a time.

Can you imagine what SaaStr 2023 will be like? We’ll be seeing you there, partners 🤝.

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