PartnerHacker #87: What Marketers Can't Afford to Miss

Can you relate?

Yesterday I thought about getting a new Mac so I went to Google, typed apple mac, and waited for the results.

When they popped up, the first three links were ads, and fourth link was Apple's actual website.

Instead of clicking on any of the first three links, I intentionally scrolled down to the fourth to avoid clicking on the ads.

And I've noticed that I usually do that.

As a customer, the non-ad link feels different to click on. It feels more personal, and like I'm in control.

Effective marketing is changing because of interactions like that.

Marketing and Partnerships

Check out this email I received from Impact:

Click here for the linked article.

With the same expectations but decreasing success, what do marketers do?

You're here, so you probably already know. Partnerships.

Instead of fighting the shift, orgs should lean into it.

Pic of the Day

Thanks for the pic Tom Fishburne at Marketoonist!

We love marketing!

Share the PhD with the marketers in your org and let them know how many more options they would have if they utilized the full-scope of partnerships.

Partner marketing is just getting started, and it's gonna be huge.

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