PartnerHacker Among 2022 'Airmeet All Stars'

Virtual events platform Airmeet today announced their first annual All Star Awards, and PartnerHacker was one of eight selected!

The announcement of the winners by CMO Mark Kilens during Airmeet's Power Party event

The award was in recognition of the PL[X] Summit – the event that so many of YOU our readers and partners made happen, and which marked the moment that partnership ecosystems went mainstream.

Thank you to all of our partners and the partner ecosystem. We quite literally don't exist without you. And a special thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated. Sponsors like Reveal, PartnerStack, WorkSpan, Tackle, Allbound, Everflow, Paragon, Labra, PartnerPage, Airmeet, Zomentum, Impartner, Alyce, Partner Fleet, Crossbeam, Partnernomics, Arrow, and Superglue.

Here's a little post from our CEO on this awesome award:

Jared Fuller on LinkedIn: Was just attending the Airmeet end of year power party with Mark Kilens
Was just attending the Airmeet end of year power party with Mark Kilens, Colleen Koslosky... and then this popped up... Wow. So cool to see PartnerHacker...
"Let's rock it," says Jared looking forward to 2023!
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