PartnerHacker Daily #100: Dear Reader

2 things matter

I always tell young people in their careers that only two things matter:

1. The ability to create value
2. The ability to convince people of #1 

If you're only good at the second, you'll burn bridges.

If you're only good at the first, you'll be under-appreciated. That means you'll fail to grow, win opportunity, and capture the value you create.

Same goes for this whole partnerships space.

Whether you're networking or partnering with other companies, you have to create value AND you also have to find ways to prove it.

PhD's 100th issue (and 2,000th subscriber)!

Wow. This is our 100th daily newsletter. That feels pretty great.

Sure, we love email. But you matter a lot to us, and (as we learned with Braydan from Sendoso) sometimes nothing beats an old-fashioned, hand-written note. Just a little extra work to show extra love.

This is for all those subs here during the first 100!

This is from Ella, Will, Sophy, Alex, and our entire Ecosystems Council too!

Oh, and thanks to all of your sharing and spreading the PhD around, we just crossed 2,000 subscribers.

Meme of the Day

Get jacked on the partner pill? Yes please.

Create more value

We sound like a broken record, but we mean it. If something works – like sending people things they'd appreciate (hint hint **PhD**), why not do it more?

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