PartnerHacker Daily #105: Super Apps Are the New Norm

Partnerships = influence without leverage

In partnerships, you're trying to influence others without any leverage.

That can be extremely difficult.

Aleksi Mattlar gave some practical ways to increase your influence as a partner, without having much leverage.

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The rise of the super app

A16z’s Connie Chan explains why the rise of the super app is an important trend.

“A Super App is something that mixes and mashes a bunch of seemingly unrelated services together in one application.”

Unified APIs are becoming the new norm in B2B because they bring utility that was never thought possible before.


  • Reduce design and dev time
  • Allow companies to scale quicker because they focus on growth rather than building out already-existing integrations
  • Can automate how you run services and can create cleaner data streams

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Tweet of the Day

Pretty cool example of permissionless marketing. Don't know anything about Outgrow, but love that they didn't wait to ask or get a partnership lined up, they just went out and created this thing for free and tagged Jay in it. (Also, I only scored 5/7 so maybe I need to re-watch his EW22 presentation!)

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