PartnerHacker Daily #106: Bang for Your Buck

Get crazy

What's the craziest partnership you can imagine?

What's the worst that could happen if you went for it?

In entertainment, everyone loves or hates a crossover. They don't forget them. Odd combinations also create big buzz in the food industry (Swedish Fish flavored Oreos are a real thing btw).

I know what you're thinking. 'I work in B2B SaaS. There's nothing crazy we could do.' I wouldn't be so sure.

Just for fun, as a brainstorm exercise during lunch, make a list of the wildest partnerships you could imagine.

Best or bundled?

Do you want the best option, or do you want a bundled option?

In the past, it was “best-of-breed” or “best-of-suite.”

Best-of-breed solution meant niche-specific, specialized, and independent. Sure, we’d get great technology, but data was siloed and flows interrupted.

Best-of-suite meant buying an industry-specific bundle. Because someone else put this bundle together, it wasn’t always the best technology, and there was less flexibility.

Neither of these sound like great options.

During Ecosystem Week 2022, Scott Brinker reflected on this dilemma: suit versus best-of-breed. He explained that platform ecosystems are the solution to this problem. They give you a large tech stack that integrates, and they attract top-talent (best-of-breed).

Get the sessions from Ecosystem Week 2022!

Speaking of crazy partnerships

Deodorant and fast food roast beef. Who's hungry?

No one should have to settle

The suite versus best-of-breed debate is old. No one should have to choose anymore. Send this PhD to someone who needs to learn about the power of Platform Ecosystems.

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