PartnerHacker Daily #107: Every SaaS Retention Technique Ever

Every SaaS retention technique

Churn is not fun. When a customer churns, it’s hours, money, energy, and resources just gone.

Vishal Rewari from SaaS Product Growth set out to create a list with every SaaS Retention Technique.

Take a look, and see if you can implement anything into your processes to turn potential churn into customer loyalty!

Cialdini and partnerships

Partnerships have an edge over direct sales and marketing when it comes to persuasive power. Many of the principles are innate in partnerships.

Take a look at Cialdini’s first three principles to see what I mean:


The principle of reciprocity states that if you give a little, you’ll get a little because people don’t like to feel like they owe you anything.

In partnerships, reciprocity is built-in. The backbone of a good partnership is value-add. Provide value, and innovate to find more ways you can provide value. Do that enough, and you’ll start to see the pendulum of value swing your way.


The principle of commitment/consistency states that people want to remain consistent to who they've claimed to be.

In partnerships, this means getting to know your partners, understanding who they say they are, and challenging them to keep up with that high standard. If you listened to last week’s podcast on “The Challenger Sale,” you know that the best relationships are forged through a mixture of challenge and insight.

Social Proof

The principle of social proof states that people like being validated by what others are doing.

In partnerships, social proof can be employed in many different ways. Here’s one example: If you have a good partner you want others to emulate, shout them out. Thank good partners for what they do well.

Quote of the Day

Get the Ecosystem Week Sessions on demand!

Principle of reciprocity

Send someone the PhD, maybe add in some more resources they might enjoy, then let go and watch the pendulum swing.

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