PartnerHacker Daily #113: Real-Time Learning

Confessions of a new partner marketer

I'm going to get real with you here, and do something Isaac has taught me a lot behind the scenes.

Share what you learn often and in the open.

So I thought I'd share something I learned today.

The difference between funnels and flywheels. Maybe this is old to you, but though I'd heard the phrases, I honestly didn't know.

A few clicks later I found myself reading an article by Jaren Nichols that had the answers I was looking for.

Here are a few quotes that stuck out:

The funnel prioritized sales over customer service and stored zero energy for growth.


Flywheels are a powerful metaphor for businesses, because unlike the funnel (that loses all energy once the sale is made), flywheels can continue to power growth by engaging and delighting current customers.

Maybe this framework isn't new anymore, but there's still a rich store of ideas lurking there.

Nothing kills a partnership faster than bad onboarding

If you want a partner program that retains you have to start with a solid foundation.

Rick van den Bosch says the five steps to partner onboarding are:

  1. Discover their goals and needs
  2. Enablement
  3. Co-creation
  4. Co-marketing
  5. And Co-selling

I like how he starts from a place of offering value to your partners. It's important to understand what they're looking for in your partnership. After all wouldn't you be annoyed if a partner came to your first meeting with their hand asking how you could help them?

The first step in partner onboarding is proving that there's a reason to show up to the table.

Check out Rick's full post here.

Image of the Day

Drop the Funnel and pick up the Flywheel, via TheBritAgency

Never be afraid to share what you learn

Help us get the PhD more out in the open by sharing with a friend.

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