PartnerHacker Daily #115: Another Rodent

It's gonna be big

Don't miss the next First Friday event.

Hey there big fella, wanna partner up?

The best partner pros channel the animal

Bryan Williams sent us a note after reading our last weekend edition on Keystone Species:

Love the beaver analogy!

Another good one is to be like the Honeybadger. Good reference here.

Hear me out. Partnerships and ecosystem folk have to inspire, motivate and educate internal and external stakeholders around them to the power and value of what partnerships bring to the table. Never settle in their belief, relentlessness and advocacy! Long live the Honey badger!  


Who wouldn't want to be an animal so metal it makes the beaver look boring?

Jean Oelwang's Partnering for b2b part 2

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what Jean had to say about trust when building a partnership. I mean we did write a whole manifesto on the idea that "Trust is the new data."

To set the stage she mentioned the following:

The Edelman trust barometer study which has polled thirty-four thousand people across 28 countries every year for two decades, shows that “in the past 20 years we have seen a fracturing of trust, but an increase in its value. Trust has emerged, like freedom and security, as its self barometer of a successful society “

She went on to say that:

Our peers, friends, and local communities are now our sources of truth in the sea of fake news that exploded with social media and the politicizing of the media. Our Deep Connections  have become our most crucial centers of truth and trust.

The moral of the story is that as ad spend keeps going up (facebook CPM currently at $14.9) as trust continues to go down.

No more going to market and expecting your customers to follow you there. You need to follow your customers to the communities they live in and give them REAL value if you want them to actually become customers.

Otherwise why should they trust you if one of your competitors is willing to meet them on their own turf?

Meme of the Day

Just takes a lot of persistence and a badass hairdo.

Sure, we have thick skin

But we'd still love it if you shared this PhD with some of your coworkers.

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