PartnerHacker Daily #117: A Tale of Two Partners

Giving is the new getting

Imagine a friend came by and asked if you can help them move into his first house. Would you say, "What's in it for me?" or would you help them without a second thought?

Of course you'd help! And the best part is when it's your turn to move guess who will be first in line to offer their moving services?

Why would a partner program be any different?

The dynamics of a b2b partner and a close friend may be different but the sentiment is the same.

The more you give the more you get.

Bonus though from Isaac: Be mindful of offers.

If your friend offered you $20 to help them move, it wouldn't change your choice and might even offend you. If, on the other hand, they said coffee and donuts provided, you'd smile and be even happier to help. Often, a less-than-meaningful monetary offering is worse than none at all. But a meaningful non-monetary gesture or gift can be a cherry on top.

Alas, today is the day for the rarest of tales

Since the times of old we've focused on me me me in the land of B2B SaaS. We've entered markets with hands stretched out asking, "Where are my leads, my rev shares? What's in it for me?".

Well my friends, it's time to shine light on a hero of partners. Kyle Schroeder has rejected the old ways. He's focused on giving.

He measures success based on giving, and rewards his team for it.

See for yourself, Daniel Lancioni shares his story below.

Read for thyself by clicking this link

Meme of the Day

Send us the memes! Reader Sam Butcher shared this one.

It's always a good day to share the PhD

Send us to someone who'd enjoy it. If you spot something that makes you think of someone, forward it on!

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