PartnerHacker Daily #118: Partners Up to Bat

Hiring Frenzy

The unheard of happened last week.

For a brief moment there were more Partner Manager jobs listed on LinkedIn than Account Executive jobs.

We’re in a movement and there’s no time to hit the breaks.

Companies are reading reports like BVP's State of the Cloud 2022 and thinking partner first.

Partner as a way to build from the ground up.

Partner as a way to thrive during hard times.

Partner pros are on the starting lineup because of the value they bring to early startups. It's table stakes.

A partnership is just a good relationship

A good relationship can't be faked. It can't be one sided. It can't be neglected and still expected to work.

When done right, building a partnership is just building a good relationship.

It's time for the b2b world to introduce a bit more humanity into the way we operate.

That's the only way this works moving forward.

Think about every relationship you’ve had. You can’t. It’s impossible - LinkedIn
Think about every relationship you’ve had. You can’t. It’s impossible. There are too many to remember. But. You do remember the best ones, and the...

Image of the Day

Check out his full post here

Shout out

Congrats to for being accepted into the most recent cohort of the Stage 2 Capital accelerator program.

Expect more partner tech companies to raise, rise, and thrive.

With all the hiring going on there's bound to be brand new partner people

Share with a partner pro that's new to the space so they can read up on partnerships daily!

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