PartnerHacker Daily #119: Give the People What they Want

Time to double down on partnerships

The market has been taking a few punches the last few months, which is forcing business leaders to take another look at their priorities. Some are dropping partnerships and falling back on what they know.

Marco De Paulis says that as others are cutting their partner programs you should be doubling down.

Investing in your ecosystem creates durability during rough times.

A cold winter can mean the end for a lone wolf. But a wolf pack survives by working together.

Integrations are king

The data is in, customers are swapping out parts of their tech stack with products that prioritize integrations.

They're even willing to pay more for a connected tech stack.

Need the people say more?

Those that start building integrations from the start are more likely to succeed in this changing market.

Check out Scott Brinker's full article linked below.

Marketers keep replacing major martech apps, integration #1 factor for replacements
My friends at recently released their latest Martech Replacement Survey 2022, where marketers shared which apps they’ve replaced over the past 18 months, what their primary motivation was in doing so, and what were their most important factors in choosing the replacement solution. Market…

Quote of the Day

“We’re not going to market alone.”

-- Tyler Calder, CMO PartnerStack

Who's a partner skeptic?

Send them this PhD. Maybe it will spark a convo.

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