PartnerHacker Daily #121: Da da da da da da da Partner!

Who'd you trust in a storm?

I was scrolling through Instagram reels the other day and came across a Simon Sinek video about trust.

The premise was that the Navy Seals, the highest performing organization on earth, prefer a medium performer with high trust over a high performer with low trust.


Because when the going gets tough, a non trustworthy individual will leave you in the dust. But someone who is trustworthy will stick with you no matter how hard it gets.

As markets get shaky, be the trustworthy partner who stands their ground and supports others. Hard times are better when weathered together.

Check out the video here.

Not just lead gen

Don't define a successful partnership as lead generation.

The other, less obvious benefits can be more powerful for your business. Rob Rebholz says some of those benefits include partner-influenced closed won deals, churn prevention, better market positioning, or even talent recruitment.

But the only way to unlock all of those is reputation.

Focus on building a strong reputation as a company that holds true to their word and delivers on time. That way you're an easy sell and people won't mind putting their name behind you.

Because at the end of the day, business is relationships.

Check out his post here.

Meme of the Day

Shared by reader Ian Cugniere

Time to turn on the partner signal

Help us fight selfish business practices by sharing this PhD!

Have you heard? First Fridays are here!

Ever been to a city that closes the streets to cars the first Friday of the month?

It's a blast. Everyone mills about in the street, popping into shops, relaxing, talking, maybe catching some live music and a beer.

We're doing it baby!

Join us the first Friday of every month for a laid back block party to hang out (drink optional) and talk partner stuff.

The first ever FF event is this Friday, August 5, from 2-4PM ET with our friends from Kiflo.

Register here!

Good lineup to share a beer with!
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