PartnerHacker Daily #122: Revenue, or value?

JTBD and funnels

Some great back and forth last week about the pros and cons of visualizing the customer journey as a funnel.

The tricky part isn't coming up with ways in which the funnel metaphor falls short.

The tricky part is creating something equally as useful in orchestrating your internal operations and KPIs.

Yes, measurability can lead to the Streetlight Effect, but what do you do instead?

I'm open to ideas.

Don't get caught lagging

One of the benefits of writing about a movement is reading about the movement.

And trust me, there's a lot to read. So much so that sometimes our inspiration pond turns into an inspiration ocean and theirs too much to write about.

We have a list of great stuff so long, that sometimes it takes a few weeks before we get it into the PhD.

This one stands the test of time.

You have to read the comments.

Partnerships in the Wild

A product from one company with a subscription from another...some ideas here.

First Friday event this week!

Don't miss it.

Register here.

Partnerships is a team game

Share the PhD with your squad!

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